Putting a few mysteries to rest

I've been receiving lots of questions, and think it's time to clear some things up:
  • Anime: The key is what's wrong with a classic elsewhere.
  • Anime Redux: I always add Caesar's numbers to my Arabic salad.
  • Brawl: I would never die a critic of flags.
  • CTF: Instructions to identify the signal are in the post.
  • First Linked: Some assembly required.
  • Hologram: See above for your key.
  • Invisible Man: Alien vs Predator.
  • Kryptos: The second part.
  • Lava: Did someone comment about bacon?
  • Long Live: Binary, ASCII, and keyboards.
  • Long Time: The difference in posts may be mere minutes.
  • Pigeon: Former home of GC&CS.
  • Sharkarantula: Who's calling?
  • Show: Bingo! A frozen animation is still an animation.
  • Waves: ポリビウス
That should do it for the important ones. Keep an eye out for bonuses, though!


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