Critical intel live!

Critical intel is live. Refresh your media. Three more important assets are yet to be released; here are pointers on the first 12...

  • NURP: Nonstandard Enigma.
  • Circle of Little Animals: 408(340(xy))
  • Kryptos: What's the time in Berlin?
  • Unsolved: The key is to solve the unsolved.
  • Noise Floor: WB8ROL made this mode.
  • Squeamish Ossifrage: Never reuse the same prime factor.
  • Eviction Notice: State, county, and a common cipher.
  • Jojo's Word of the Day: Even he forgot how to solve this.
  • Booked: VI independently declares that the book cipher has been book ciphered.
  • Pub Quiz: Vorlauf's brother is called Abvscii Brewery.
  • Double or Nothing: Zagreb. Skocjan Caves. Nachtgalerie. Rorschach. And the airport.
  • Liber Obscurus: Common cipher with 29 instead of 26.


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